Undergraduate Advanced Track (UAT) Application

Undergraduate Advanced Track (UAT) Application

The Undergraduate Advanced Track is designed for advanced undergraduate students with the desire to pursue further education after graduation, such as doctoral studies. Students with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.4 and faculty approval have the opportunity to participate.

Students are invited to apply to the track upon the completion of their sophomore year.

Advanced track students are required to take the following:

Foundations of Research (3 credits):
Research Immersion in OR and Data Analytics (3 credits - Spring ‘24)

In addition, we recommend students take Proof Writing Workshop held by Math Department (0 credits)

Advanced Course Requirement (6 credits):
CSOR E4231: Analysis of Algorithms (3 credits)
IEOR E4008: Computational Discrete Optimization (3 credits)
MATH GU4061: Intro to Modern Analysis I (3 credits)
MATH GU4062: Intro to Modern Analysis II (3 credits)
MATH GU4041: Intro to Modern Algebra I (3 credits)
MATH GU4042: Intro to Modern Algebra II (3 credits)
APAM E4300: Intro to Numerical Methods (3 credits)

Research Project (3 credits):
IEOR S3900 Undergrad Research (3 credits)